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Alien Atmosphere is the American rock pop duo formed by the identical Kwilosz twins hailing from Tucson, AZ. With a catchy sound that blends anthemic hooks into genres of blues, pop, rock and adult contemporary, multi-instrumental brothers Nick and Matt have grown Alien Atmosphere from a twin desert duo to a promising breakout act, with featured performances alongside Awolnation, Jimmy Eat World, The Offspring, Anberlin and Neon Trees.

Long before forming the band in 2012, the Kwilosz twins’ songwriting initiation began in the band room of grandfather Lloyd Conger, an accomplished blues and country artist, who showed the boys how to solo, walk the bass, and work the crowd at family parties. In these blues roots, the twins found both their instruments and artistic personas: lean social charmer Nick learned to front the guitar while bodybuilding Matt made drums his preferred workout. Nick formed the arrangements and words, Matt empowered them with titanic rhythms, and the twins’ collaborative spirit soon outgrew living rooms, local venues, and early ambitions.

Since 2012, Alien Atmosphere has launched its music into pop rock territories that call to mind the stratospheric songwriting of Coldplay, OneRepublic, and Thirty Seconds to Mars. The band’s recent 2019 single release ‘Sail Away’ showcases its mainstream quality – a ballad powered by a chorus that echoes long after the song ends.

''A good melody can save a life, but a great song can save the world.''

– Nick Kwilosz